Saturday, February 16, 2013

Yes, I take Coumadin

         Two days ago, I visited the hematologist. The visit,was very frustrating. I have lived, a very healthy life. However, some things are beyond my control. The hematologist, stated that she felt due to buy reoccurring miscarriages and the life threatening stroke that I had. Were all signs, that I have an underlying, blood issue. That, at this time, they cannot specifically diagnose me. With all that said, I will be on Coumadin blood thinners indefinitely. This, may not seem like a big issue to sent to some however to me, it's huge. I detest the pharmaceutical companies. The abuse of pharmaceutical drugs to treat but health conditions. By, there is nothing in me that was ever like to recover from another stroke again. So, to all my natural minded friends, Some things we cannot treat naturally. I am thankful to God. That my stroke did not leave me Completely paralyzed. However, I have yet another great example of something I said I would "never do". I should really, stop saying, "I will never." Again, so taking a blood thinner goes against every natural ideal in my head. Yes, I take Coumadin. Yes, I exercise, eat right, sleep enough, don't smoke, don't drink, and not promiscuous. Yet, I realize that doing all that, I cannot fight genetics. So, I will live the best life that God will allow me to. I have felt a lot of embarrassment, shame, at really having no choice on this prescription issue. I have, a lot of well-meaning friends, who feel that their are so many better alternatives than prescription use. For many issues, I agree. Yet, for this one I choose to live as best I can. For the amount of years, God has planned for me.

         Life, doesn't always go as we would like. Sometimes, things happen that just anger you so much. That is beyond our control. So, I work through this next stage of my recovery. With, a thankful heart that there is something I can take that will ensure another stroke is preventable. How many, people are on antidepressants, sleeping medication, and walk around and shame. We should be careful not to pass judgment on others. Until, we have walked in their shoes. I advocate for how a healthy lifestyle. for, the past nine months. Benjamin has given me of nightly shot and my stomach of blood thinner's. I guess, on the positive side, Coumadin is a once daily pill. The hematologist, also stated I continue to eat vegetables with vitamin K and moderation. That was a big deal to me. Because I just love spinach, cabbage,and broccoli . I do feel a strong connection to Popeye, the "sailor man"too-toot.