Sunday, June 8, 2014

Glow Sticks at Night

   So, Ive done a terrible job updating my blog over the past two years. I feel really bad about that. For the past couple of nights, the boys and I have gone outside and played games with glow sticks, hid them around the yard, under the pool, in cracks in the fence.We search all over the yard in the warm"spring " night with the moon shining brightly down on us. Jay runs around the yard with a glow hat on, laughing care free. I truly enjoy the boys getting older.
Now we can do fun stuff like staying up later. Jayden is ten, up to my shoulders, a leader, he has  funny sense of humor-very dry. Which cracks me up. Austen is very much the one I can rely on to fix problems, fix if something is broken.
In the col of the night, I reflect on how special these moments  are . Our lives have been in upheaval and stressful for so long. It feels so refreshing to be able to let down these past few evenings.Laying on the grass, locating the big dipper the stars. Glow sticks are $1 at target- cheap fun. It doesn't take much just your time. I have learned so much these  past two years, and I'm still learning.I have the best seven person  team in the universe. We have been through so much together that has made us stronger.
    God is faithful, time is precious and limited. Make the most of it, go out and have glow stick  nights.