Sunday, December 29, 2013

Presenting Amazing Austen and Genius Jayden...

     We had so much fun buying the kids Christmas presents this year,It was the first year that Ben and i did it together  and I am so thankful for my kids ' imaginations....In this day and age, its def, something that needs to be cultivated. With their gifts they both had asked for a magic kit with over 100 tricks in it and we were so excited to give it to them.They opened it and were jumping up and down with excitement They both have their own amazing black hats. Austen is the assistant, per Jayden and Riah is the apprentice. I love how they study the trick book and carry it everywhere , wowing us with their mind blowing tricks:)

    Today was an amazing day with them. I had 5 hours of unsupervised  time with the 3 oldest, we cleaned their bedrooms, played veterinarian.. thanks to my awesome mother in law who made an absolutely amazing doctor kit for the kids for Christmas, with felt band aids, stethoscopes, scrubs, doctor  ids, laminated rx forms, medical info forms.We had so much  fun pretending . Have I mentioned how much I love them??? We then went outsides and had a picnic, and a magic  show of course. It was a gorgeous 68.I read " Caps for Sale" and " Stone Soup" which my mil made felt props to go with both  of  them.. So much fun!!!!!We then  ended our time withhot cocoa in the living room watching Robin Hood together . Here are some life parenting lessons, I have thought about today:

1. If you are going to have hot cocoa fill the mug to overflowing with marshmallows
2. Look with bewilderment at your children's tricks, even if you know how its done
3. Hug them often
4. Be patient, they are still learning
5. Slow down and role play with them, they love it when you play with them
6. Cultivate their imaginations, don't rely on tablets , video games , get them way from the screen or limit them

Toddlers and Tiaras

        My three-year old is obsessed, nay I say consumed with "dress up " lately. If you stop over at any given moment she will be donning rubber boots, three tutus and asking if she looks like a princess. Yes, Hannah you do.. but princesses never toot and laugh about it at the table. Her sweet little nose is always dirty. Not sure why. I am in love with her high pitch singing of "hark the herald  angels sing" and her and ad-libbing when she doesn't know the words. Her hair is long and radiantly blonde( I pays a lot of money for that look), and bouncy. She has the sweetest disposition unlike the girls on the TLC show.Although, she can erupt  without a moments notice over wanting to wear a dress on a hike. Many times, she tries  to be helpful but it ends creating  more mess than needed. One time she wanted to hold the dust pan for me, and paraded right through the dirt pile spreading dirt everywhere. The other day, she was going to the bathroom with her rubber boots o as well as her tutus and I wish i had my camera right then. Sweetest thing ever.She always has a baby tucked in her tutu and enjoys being with child. Her prayers are lightning fast, high pitched and profound. I am so thankful for my Lou. Her love of life brings such joy to me.