Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pudgy Feet, Tousled Hair


I love the way Hanns walks silently down the stairs after her nap, two fingers in her mouth; blanket swung over her shoulder a sweet smile on her face. I just want to remember her sweet personality. When my cab comes in the morning, she calls it my "tattoo"(therapy). Last Saturday, I was just waking up from a nap and so was she ..instead of going downstairs she raids the game closet and quietly knocks on my door and asks  me, pulling her fingers out of her mouth, if I will play a game with her???Absolutely!I live for these moments.I am thankful, i am alive for these moments. They are precious!    
      So, we sat down  on the floor and I teach her about turn taking, being selfless, following rules, all while having fun.I love my role as a mama !!!!
  I kiss her soft, tousled hair and it smells so sweet, and hug her little bod, thanking God for the opportunity and privilege to raise her.Everywhere she goes she sings bible songs...she is constantly requesting it. "Twoseys,twoseys".
    Tonight, we played orphanage with all the girls' dolls and pets and comforted our crying babies, read them the bible, gave kisses.
Yes,I am gone all day but when I a home,I am present for the life that I have been blessed with.Girls, your Mama is a fighter, her strength comes from God, yes the journey is long, but I breathe in and out fighting to return to you. Never question my love for you, it is deep, never ending, I've gone to hell and back for you...I will not give up, by God's grace I will not stop  smelling your sweet, tousled blonde hair, pudgy toddler feet, and teaching you how to care and comfort your future families .