Saturday, April 21, 2012

Slow Downs Are Good

We have been going at a pretty slow pace the past few days. Life has been very busy and really dictating how are day to day activities have been. I know this season will be short lived so we are just rolling with it. I am treasuring the small things right now, because life is too unstable to put much stock in other things. Yesterday, on my mornings with Moriah we went for a walk, laid in the cool grass, sat and watched a hummingbird for a very long time and smelled the grass. I love watching her run in her gray and pink pajamas, bare foot through the grass and wanting me to be the queen and her the princess. Its the small things right now that mean so much to me.

Things My Kids Said Yesterday

" Mama, blood is stampeding from my finger!"- Moriah.

She said this after she started stabbing a padded mail envelope with a pen over and over and then coincidentally stabbed herself. Not quite sure why she decided to do that but I assure you, the amount of blood was minimal to what the padded envelope suffered.

Hannah literally screaming " Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!!!!!!!" as he walks in the door. She loves Daddy so  much and the minute she hears the garage door open goes rushing downstairs to find him and scream as loud as she can, his name.

Hannah screaming "NOOO!" at someone and then recanting her words and saying quietly, with her chubby little cheeks, " No, no, no."

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Me & Moriah Mornings

These past few weeks, Moriah and I have been leaving the house early and walking our neighborhood with a bag of cheerios and the birds chirping. We talk and I answer questions about birds, dogs, God and funny jokes. We walk twice around and then stop at the park and swing. I swing her and give her "under dogs" and then we make a spider and swing that way too.

Sometimes, sprinklers are on in the morning and we make sure our stroller goes through them, misting our legs and pajamas. When we are doing the spider on the swing we give each other big hugs and I smell her hair, look into her blue eyes, see her life and treasure her.

I love my mornings with Moriah. I'm thinking of adding muffins to them, it seems fitting. Having more than one child makes spending time alone with each one more challenging, but even more important. So, I'm off to enjoy my busy day, but first....Moriah and I are going off on our morning walk, just the two of us.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter From Us!

This is the

 best we could


Saturday, April 7, 2012

I've Been Nominated!

I"ve been nominated by my sweet friend Holly for the Versatile Blogger! Thank you Holly! Its pretty sweet because Holly has an amazing blog herself if you want to go check it out it is Her blog is full of amazing recipes and ideas to live healthy and vegan! Love her blog! Ok, I"m suppose to nominate 15 blogs which will NOT be hard at all since there are so many amazing blogs that I am encouraged by daily but I"m also suppose to include 7 things about myself they are:

1. I love to workout
2. I sing constantly, mostly out of tune- not because I can't sing in tune I"m must too lazy
3. I would love to write children's books someday
4. My favorite colors are blue and green
5. I love cold,rainy days but only up to a week
6. Coffee is wonderful
7. I am a morning person to the core
8. Let me squeeze in eight, I love Christ and I am not ashamed of it!

Ok, here are the 15 blogs that I would totally nominate!

*** ok, I will need to come back b/c I'm a terribly tired..will keep updating this. Thank you again Holly!

Learning About Easter In Our World

Today, the kids and I spent the morning listening to hymns on the crucifixion and the blood Christ shed for our sins. We opened up our Easter eggs with the symbolism of what Christ did for us.  Our hands were dyed- mine still look as thought I rolled in purple dirt today. Hannah insisted on crawling, screaming and squeezing food coloring bottles on her white shorts. Rule #1 no white shorts, Rule #2 make sure you are outside. I followed one of the two rules, thankfully.

We prayed, read the Bible and then I created their simple Easter cones filled with reeses peanut butter eggs. We had an Easter egg hunt and dinner with some dear friends tonight and another fun day planned tomorrow, sin Ben. Thankfully we could celebrate with us this evening...will miss him tomorrow... "life" doesn't stop on Sundays for some jobs. Thank you Jesus! I love you! Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday and if you fell upon this blog, I pray that if you do not know the love that Christ has for you- you will find it today. Feel free to email me if you want to know more! Enjoy your friends and family- family comes in all shapes and sizes and doesn't necessarily mean blood- I've learned that in the past 5 years of living out here.