Saturday, April 7, 2012

I've Been Nominated!

I"ve been nominated by my sweet friend Holly for the Versatile Blogger! Thank you Holly! Its pretty sweet because Holly has an amazing blog herself if you want to go check it out it is Her blog is full of amazing recipes and ideas to live healthy and vegan! Love her blog! Ok, I"m suppose to nominate 15 blogs which will NOT be hard at all since there are so many amazing blogs that I am encouraged by daily but I"m also suppose to include 7 things about myself they are:

1. I love to workout
2. I sing constantly, mostly out of tune- not because I can't sing in tune I"m must too lazy
3. I would love to write children's books someday
4. My favorite colors are blue and green
5. I love cold,rainy days but only up to a week
6. Coffee is wonderful
7. I am a morning person to the core
8. Let me squeeze in eight, I love Christ and I am not ashamed of it!

Ok, here are the 15 blogs that I would totally nominate!

*** ok, I will need to come back b/c I'm a terribly tired..will keep updating this. Thank you again Holly!

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