Thursday, April 19, 2012

Me & Moriah Mornings

These past few weeks, Moriah and I have been leaving the house early and walking our neighborhood with a bag of cheerios and the birds chirping. We talk and I answer questions about birds, dogs, God and funny jokes. We walk twice around and then stop at the park and swing. I swing her and give her "under dogs" and then we make a spider and swing that way too.

Sometimes, sprinklers are on in the morning and we make sure our stroller goes through them, misting our legs and pajamas. When we are doing the spider on the swing we give each other big hugs and I smell her hair, look into her blue eyes, see her life and treasure her.

I love my mornings with Moriah. I'm thinking of adding muffins to them, it seems fitting. Having more than one child makes spending time alone with each one more challenging, but even more important. So, I'm off to enjoy my busy day, but first....Moriah and I are going off on our morning walk, just the two of us.

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nancy bouwens said...

Muffins & Mornings with Moriah = Marvelous. She will always remember making memories with mom!