Friday, August 28, 2009

Grand Canyon

Here is my heart at the Grand Canyon earlier in July. We had a great time celebrating with friends up north, in the cool of the mountains and then camping at the Grand Canyon National Park for a night. We hope to fit in some more camping trips yet this summer/fall. They are so fun and the kids absolutely love them. Nothing like hot, gooey smores over an open fire with the smell of burning wood in the air. So precious!
Ok, I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed by every creative idea that is flowing in my brain right now so I thought that I would just start making a list that way I can just revert back to this and say, oh yes, I remember that idea. I am thinking of doing the workbox idea with much variation. I feel this will keep me on track and organized and Jay and Austen moving in the direction that I was hoping are some ideas for Jay's workboxes:

bible verse/worship
learn to play harmonica
games, ie: max, go nuts, etc.
Unit Study activity ( which this concept overwhelms me just thinking of it)
Read boxcar children book
Unit study activity
Play trains
Dress up
This is me Journal Entry...kinda pricey but I'm thinking w/ all the work done this may be a worthwhile investment as well as keepsake
Weekly letters to friends/family
outing, ie: zoo, science center, movies, park, hiking...
co op
reading to oneself
building blocks
math activity
Sing Spell Read and Write

Ok, this is just a few of my ideas...I literally have a million screaming to come out but I'm like...ahh, how do I do this...I think I just need to organize my thoughts and now I feel a little better. I love homeschooling and just want to do am looking into the whole Apologia science books since Jayden loves, loves we shall see...alright...

Friday, August 14, 2009

The beginning of our journey

I have decided to blog our homeschooling journey/adventure because this is something I hadn't asked for or sought out. This is something that God has birthed in my heart about two years ago and I am so thankful to follow Him. I have so many ideas and thoughts about homeschoooling that I figured I might as well write them down to chronicle our daily lives with pictures, thus creating memories in a simple form. I hope you enjoy reading, find inspiration and encouragement for whatever walk you are on. Be blessed!