Friday, August 28, 2009

Ok, I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed by every creative idea that is flowing in my brain right now so I thought that I would just start making a list that way I can just revert back to this and say, oh yes, I remember that idea. I am thinking of doing the workbox idea with much variation. I feel this will keep me on track and organized and Jay and Austen moving in the direction that I was hoping are some ideas for Jay's workboxes:

bible verse/worship
learn to play harmonica
games, ie: max, go nuts, etc.
Unit Study activity ( which this concept overwhelms me just thinking of it)
Read boxcar children book
Unit study activity
Play trains
Dress up
This is me Journal Entry...kinda pricey but I'm thinking w/ all the work done this may be a worthwhile investment as well as keepsake
Weekly letters to friends/family
outing, ie: zoo, science center, movies, park, hiking...
co op
reading to oneself
building blocks
math activity
Sing Spell Read and Write

Ok, this is just a few of my ideas...I literally have a million screaming to come out but I'm like...ahh, how do I do this...I think I just need to organize my thoughts and now I feel a little better. I love homeschooling and just want to do am looking into the whole Apologia science books since Jayden loves, loves we shall see...alright...

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