Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We just came back from an amazing time up north. The air was a little cooler than where we are from and we were given , by a friend of my husband's, 3 day stay at a very nice resort. We relaxed, hiked, ate and swam together. We had a great time as a family and enjoyed the change of scenery for awhile. On our second day of our mini vacay, we decided to visit one of our beautiful state parks in the state. We arrived with the expecation of possibly siting a lizard, or two on our hike. We piled out of the van and started walking to the visitor center. As I took my first step down on the concrete stairs I saw a glimps of something slithering immediately below my foot. My brain had a split second delayed reaction before I saw an even longer something moving near me. I screamed the loudest I have screamed in mere decades and flung my body backwards, using the concrete slab as my pillow. My hands went out and I ended up pushing Austen down, hitting his head against the concrete. I'm screaming, he's crying, Jayden's exclaiming, Riah is sitting in the backpack and Ben is staring in astonishment. It was a scene that would have won us the 100,000 grand prize on America's Funniest Home Videos.

My logic for flinging myself back was I had almost stepped immediately on his, the incredibly long, snake's head. I have lived in my state now for almost 3 years and have hiked every where. Not one time, ever, had a come upon a snake until that very day. I did not know if it was a rattle snake and was prepared to protect my unassuming 3 year old from it's fangs. It, however, was a very long, over 5 feet, gopher snake who, according to the ranger, is cranky but not venemous. I have not felt that immense surge of adrealine as I did at that second. My life, flashing before my eyes.

After our "amazing" encounter, I was fulfilled and felt no need to come upon any more wildlife for that hike. We did, however, see many lizards, turtles and a hawk. We will be making a desert book of our sitings and posting it on here later. Jayden later stated to me, " If you get bit by a rattle snack, don't you go blind?" Wow, Jayden, that thought is so comforting! We did make it out alive , from our hike into the wilderness. We saw some amazing sights, beautiful red mountains, walked across peaceful brooks and took turns sharing eachothers' water, throwing rocks into the water and listening to the wind. It was a great day and we ended it with ice cream and a swim in a pool and hot tub that over looked God's amazing creation. We are so blessed.

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