Monday, September 20, 2010

Crazy Day

Yesterday started off fairly normally except for the exciting detail of visiting the lego store. Jay has been working hard each week on exhibiting different character traits throughout his daily life.... diligence, responsibility, encouragement, etc. When he does a task, ie: takes care of Hannah or sorts and puts away the laundry and displays the character trait, I note that and we is rewarded with an allowance at the end of the week. I'm not too big on allowances for just chores as you can do the chore with a horrible attitude as well. So what would be the point? Yeah, you sorted laundry you also complained the whole time??? Doesn't seem like to much of a life lesson.

Anyways, we worked diligently all more completing our school ....which is always exciting with a toddler and newborn and headed to the lego store. I have decided that letting my husband take the boys, in the future, will be a whole lot easier than me trying to manage 4 kids a stroller and a busy mall. My love for the mall is quickly fading as my family is growing larger and that cannot be :) Jay picked out the lego pirate set his worked towards and we headed home with a screaming baby, tired toddler and a 4yr old who was not impressed with a cheeseburger.... doesn't' sound like a lot , I know. but let me tell was.

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