Monday, March 7, 2011

Ballet Whispers

Today I had the privilege of watching my daughter, Moriah, perform for 15 minutes her ballet and tap routines in her dance class. My heart was coming out my chest with pride and love for that girl. How are you big enough to follow directions and learn steps? How do you exude confidence? What a minute, how is your hair so long and your legs so long?

Why does it seem that her life, in particular, is flying faster than I can keep up? I don't know what to do with all my emotions that come from her, I love her more than I can express on this simplified version of "poetic nonsense" that I call my blog. She is growing up. Every night I pray, " God give her a gracious heart, a loving and kind heart  a gentle spirit. She is a fighter, independent, a leader, she is kind and loving and gracious. She is everything i could have asked for in a daughter and so much more.

I had a preview of what life with her and her stages through life would be like today. Seeing my beautiful 2.5 year old dressed in a beautiful, puffy dress with her hair pulled to the side, wisps hanging out and a beautiful bow clipped into her hair- how does life go so fast, and she is only two! I know I will blink and be helping her pick out a dress for a formal, talking to her about life, picking up her broken heart when life crashes it down. Sometimes I don't feel ready for this, this part of parenting. I can handle the sleepless nights and the nursing- I'm good at that.....I just pray God gives me grace on the next stage, I don't feel " good" at that. Please don't grow up too fast, my sweet Moriah- Momma is not ready yet, your life is blowing past me in soft whispers...I'm afraid if I"m not listening close enough, I will miss it. I love you!

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Haley said...

I know just what you mean... I feel the same way for Liana. A daughter is such a precious gift and I know I would've been lost in this life without one. Moriah is so blessed to have you as her mama and female role model in life...I have no doubt she'll be as sweet, gracious, and kind as you've always been. <3