Monday, March 14, 2011

The birds and the rats

Earlier this morning, driving home from LA Fitness Jayden, my almost 7 year old, asks, " Mama, what is s-e-x?" "..Umm, excuse me?"
" It looks like sex, s-e-x"
" Where did you see that?"
" In a book from the library."
" Can you read it to me?" - At this point I'm a little excited for Ben to come home so we, lead by the he, can have the talk.
" It says, when you buy rats that you need to keep the sexes in different cages, two of one sex in a cage in two of the other sex in a different cage."
"OHHHHH, that means gender, male and female."
" Oh so keep the girls in one cage and the boys in the other?"
" Yep"

End of story. At what age do you begin to discuss sex , the actual sex, with your child? I mean seriously, I have gone through 3 live pregancies and a total of 6 all together since Jayden has come around and he has yet to ask even how the baby got there...... oh little , not so little, precious Jayden . Sex is great, but even greater that your mind registers it as male and female right now......your youthful bliss has lasted yet one more day. How much longer will this last?

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