Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to Make the Most of Long Car rides?

        I am someone who cannot stand doing sitting and doing nothing...So, I look for ways to enrich my life in any way I can, by way of...audio books!!! I take a cab into CTN everyday with  a 40 min. car ride to and from with the Paul, my driver who is an aspiring pastor( no joke) and listens to sermons the entire way.I  have discovered the Phoenix Electronic library , and I now pass the time with my headphones in  and go on many different adventures . Right now, I am listening to The Magicians Nephew, A Christmas Carol, The Tale of Desperaux, MrPopper's penguins,A Secret Garden....I am loving it with all my homework through my rehab program.. I don't have time to read classics...so I listen now
        I sit and watch people talk on their cell phones, pick their noses(when they think  no one is looking ), I smile smugly to myself at the horror they would feel if the knew that I sat silently in the next car over observing their secretive habit, hidden obscurely behind a black veil of tinted windows , with my headphones on , seemingly unengaged with the world around me. Yet, I am keenly aware of the world that surrounds me as I travel down the highway at rush hour .  After three months of traveling via cab, I have only  recently come to realize the enjoyment of an electronic library ...I finished Sign of the Beaver last week!!!!So by the time I'm done with this program next year, who knows  how many books I'll have"read", or noses I watched picked??Time will tell, it's how i keep life interesting :)

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Nancy Bouwens said...

I love love loce audio books! Podcasts are another great way to fill otherwise idle time and bring learning and growth!

Thanks for the reminder to look for opportunities to grow and learn no matter where we are.