Friday, December 17, 2010

Bra Flaps?

 Wow! I cannot believe how much has happened in the lives of my children since I last blogged. Nothing earth shattering but wow, I need to be more consistent....WHY DO I NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME!?????

Anyways, I shared this story with a couple of you already and felt the hillarious embarassment to share it with anyone else who has been there or to anyone who dare not tred in my fretted waters. Two days ago, I had to bring the three older kids to a friend's house so we could go to Ben's Christmas party on the other side of, I left about 25 minutes early to stop at a store to quick buy a shirt. You know how the, " Ohmigosh I have NOTHING to wear" syndrome. Yes, I fall prey to that each and every time something special comes up. Sooo, I quick got Jayden, Austen, and Moriah in the car and rushed to the store. Quickly , I said, ' you guys, hurry up with me . I have to quick pick out a shirt, don't ask to look at toys, stay with me, walk fast." ( Big joke with three young children, I know). So I search, search, search getting frantic and my mind is spinning. Found two cute shirts and ran, with the kids in tow to the check out lane only to see that I had cut in front of everyone else, excused myself from the front of the line, went to the back, checked out, frazzled, ran to the car, got the kids in the car, dropped the kids off, speeding home and looked down.

Let me paint you a picture, I am wearing a white shirt, I have sparkled blue and silver stripped shoes on, I have one solid pink sock and one plaid pink sock, I have one HUGE dangley earring in as the other one has been removed earlier in the day to talk on the phone and never replaced and oh, HELLO, both of my bra FLAPS from nursing Hannah had never been returned to their proper place and had been left down, under my white shirt.

Dear Jesus, help me because I obviously have displayed to the world what flashing looks like in a nursing mothers world but also that not only can I not dress myself and prepare myself properly for the rest of society, but I should remain in seclusion until I am able to do so. Take heed, learn from me; do not try this on your own!

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hannahwoods said...

That is hilarious Amanda!!! Although don't get me wrong, I do feel for you! I definitely need to learn to ligh[';pten ;p
...that was
Anayah..lighten up! Just wait til we add a couple more to the bunch, right? :)