Saturday, December 10, 2011

Away In the Manager

The other night, I heard Riah moving around upstairs and decided to go check on her. Here was the scene:

Her room is dark, closet light is on, her back is to me and she is rocking a baby doll gently in her arms. Her sweet, melodic voice is singing "Away in the Manager" and she is kissing her baby gently on the head. She quietly talks to her baby after her song is done and bounces her to the bassinet where she gingerly lays her down for bed. Then she turns around, looking at the other dolls in her closet and  says, " ok, what should I do now?"

Thank you God for a little mama, for a very passionate, kind, loving, gentle spirited daughter. My heart swelled with so much pride watching her mother her babies. Such a beautiful spirit coming out of Moriah. Moriah- Jehovah is your instructor. You bless me, sweet, sweet growing up too fast daughter of mine. " I want to hug you"

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