Sunday, December 25, 2011

Let Go of Expectations

This past Christmas season has been wonderful for my family. We have pretty much done everything we wanted to do. Embraced Thanksgiving , Advent and Christmas as much as we possibly could and that is a far cry from last year. I really struggled with Christmas last year due to a couple of situations in our lives, at the time. However, this year I promised myself, and my family, that no matter what- our focus would be on Christ and family- for better or worse.

If you remember our polar express experience, not quite what we had anticipated, we now laugh about it and say that it was one of our most memorable and funniest moments of December. I have made about 18 dozen cookies, mailed zero Christmas cards, wrapped countless presents, enjoyed adopting a couple of families, sang Christmas carols, had the kids sing at a nursing home, listened to Christmas music, did our advent and bought a Christmas tree.

I did everything in my power to provide an ambiance of tranquility and peace for our home. Yet, somethings are out of our power. You cannot control family members getting sick ( Riah last night, Ben today) or other events that define or change that Christmas season. I think, so many times, we sit and wonder I wish I could have done this differently, or changed this.

This year, I have no regrets, I gave it my all and life happens. Next year, I will give it my all again. I love creating memories, Some are more abundant than others, depending on the year. Yet, in the midst of joy, laughter, sadness, loneliness, and anger- regardless of how you feel this Christmas season- Christ still came to take away the darkness. If you have nothing else worth celebrating today, celebrate this! If you need someone to pray for you, I will :)

I am so thankful for Christ and for his abundant grace in my life. This season has allowed me to give of myself, despite an ever changing tide of life and for that, I am grateful. As I pick up all the wrapping paper and put away a breakfast that Ben was not able to enjoy I am thankful that in serving I am doing exactly what Christ came to do! Merry Christmas!

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