Monday, June 18, 2012

Humorous Stroke Quotes

Humor has been very important to all of us in these last few weeks.  The first day I (Krista, Amanda's sister-in-law) visited her in the hospital, I was laughing so hard I was crying within the first five minutes of entering the hospital room.  These moments, laughs, and comments have been so important throughout this journey.  We've been trying to keep track of a few of these interactions in order to be able to look back and remember.  Here's a quick glimpse:

Ben to Amanda: “You’re sitting on your arm.”
Amanda: “Oh…I thought that was the remote control.”
Shortly after Amanda threw up one morning, Kathy (Ben's mom) was adding cheese to a bowl of chili for lunch.
Austen: “Is that mama’s throwup?  Why are you putting cheese on it?”

Jayden: “Mama, are we getting a meal tonight?”
Amanda (high-fiving Jay): “Yes, we are.”
Jayden to Ben (sitting right next to Amanda): “Daddy, are we getting a meal tonight?”
Ben: “Yes, we are.”
Jayden: “Okay.  I just wanted to make sure Mama really knew what was going on.”

Amanda: "When the ambulance came, I remember Ben saying over and over, 'I'm Phoenix PD, I'm Phoenix PD.'"
Ben: "I said it once!"
Amanda: "Well I just imagined you fighting through a ton of people and shouting over and over, 'I'm Phoenix PD, I'm Phoenix PD!'"
Ben: "Well first of all, there were not tons of people to fight through, and second, I was not shouting, I told the EMTs when they got here.  Once."

Katie, Ben's sister, brought Bagel Beanery bagels from Michigan.  As Ben and Amanda were looking through them:
Ben: “Those ones are mine!  You got the fruity ones!”
Amanda: “Did you have the stroke?!”

Amanda: "Ben has been frustrated when he helps me get dressed because he can't find any of my clothes - they're all rolled up into a ball in my drawers.  But how was I supposed to know I was going to have a stroke?!  I'm sorry, if I had known I was going to have a stroke, I would have organized all my drawers!”

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