Saturday, October 6, 2012

MyHannah Lou

 Oh  oHannah Lou now little. You are you are at two years old. And very full of energy. From, the moment you are out of bed if you are running. You really don't play with toys. However, yesterday you played for 20 minutes in your highchair with Playdough. I love how the much you talk. When you say, "no, you're funny." You are very adventurous. It always can make me smile. You don't really like to watch movies. If you are so much interested in a story. You want your own story to go  along with it. at. You really just like the company of someone else's voice talking. the other day, I took you for a walk in your new umbrella stroller. We went off to the park, and you wanted in the worst way To swing. Those are hard moments for me because I can put you in the swing. pushing you in a stroller is still a struggle. Because my left hand doesn't want to stay put when I'm pushing forward. So we went down the slide a together, and I just kind of step back and enjoyed watching you skip across the grassy field. Just watching you was to peaceful to me. Your blonde bouncy hair, blowing in the breeze.You will probably never remember how hard this time in your life was for me. That is okay with me. You see with the most beautiful voice ever. I love how high you can get your voice to go, especially when you sing "I yup you so much".  if, you knew you had earrings and they would be out by now. I love you Lou Lou.

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Dokimazo said...

Such a sweet reflection on your precious girl!