Saturday, October 6, 2012

The little things.

Okay.This is my first blog post with Dragon a dictation program. I hope it goes well. It has been very hard not to be to type of the past four months. I chose these pictures to highlight some of the fun things the kids have done. I love Jayden's adventure red Hat. He wears that everywhere. Earlier this summer we lost it. It was very sad because he literally wears his hat every day. I love that because he is always ready for an adventure. It has been so hot here in Arizona. Krista will filled up like 60 water balloons the and put them in the cooler and the kids and I would go outside and throw them at each other. The expression on Hannah's  the face was priceless. She would scrunch  up her face when anyone would come relatively close to her.I enjoyed these excursions out side with the kids And their aunt. Because sometimes it's the really little things in life, that bring joy.

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