Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby Zeke has arrived! The last 24 hours in the life of the Ippels

Ezekiel (Zeke) "middle names undetermined" Ippel has arrived!  2:33 AM, November 15, 7 pounds 1 oz, 19 3/4 inches.  He and mama are both very healthy and delivery went quickly and smoothly.

I will leave the details and story to Amanda, as it is hers to share.  But the last 24 hours have been so full that I (Krista) thought I'd share a few stories and pictures that we have found humorous (with permission).

- Immediately following delivery, I texted all immediate family members.  Not having her dad's phone number saved, Amanda recited it to me and I added it to the mass text.

Krista: 2:33 AM: We have a baby! Ezekiel something undetermined Ippel, 2:33, 7,1, 19.75
Terry: 4:21 AM: Who is this?
Krista: 4:21 AM: Krista
Terry?: 4:23 AM: Do you have the right number?  But congrats!  That is exciting!
Krista: 4:23 AM: Is this Terry?
Cyndi: 4:24 AM: Cyndi from goodwill.  But I am happy for you!!
Krista: 4:24 AM: Hahaha sry
Cyndi: 4:25 Have a great day and life with the baby!

- First thing this morning when the kids woke up, Ben's mom Kathy showed the kids the pictures that Ben had posted on Facebook, 'introducing' them to their baby brother.

Photo: Sweet Ezekiel was born this morning at 2:33. I believe Ezekiel means "God is my strength." What a perfect name for you, little boy. 
In May my sister-in-law Amanda (baby's momma) had a massive stroke. We are so thankful for the miracle God has given us in Amanda and baby. 
The last time I saw pictures of Amanda in the hospital, I cried. Six months later, here is another picture of her in the hospital. I am in tears again. This time for a different reason.
 Welcome to the world, little boy. We've been waiting for you.
Jayden: "His head looks like it's on backwards.  Whoa.  Is that his chest? He looks very strong.  When he is one year old, he will be able to pick up a chair!"

- Hearing that 'baby brother's' name is Ezekiel, Austen began to cry.  "He will not like his name.  I do not like his name.  I will never get used to that.  I think when he grows up, it will make him feel sad when people call him that."

Austen's demeanor during much of our visit, due to his very strong feelings about his little brother's name.

- After I woke up late morning, I was uploading pictures of Ezekiel onto my computer.  Hannah came to watch and began singing to, "aweing," petting, and kissing my computer screen. She went so far as to give my computer a very nice, very gentle hug.    

- Late afternoon, with Ben on the way home from the hospital to take a nap, Kathy (his mom) gets a text:
 Ben: 2:15 PM: Love you soooo much!!!!
Ben: 2:20 PM: I do.  Haha.  But that was meant for Amanda. :)  I wondered why she hadn't responded back to me....

- On the quite long trip to the hospital, Hannah began to grow restless, questioning, "I see my baby?!"  After being reassured we were almost there, "I hold her?" Throughout hospital visit: "I hold that! / I hold it? / You hold her?" "Him, Hannah.  Him."  "I hold HIM?!"  (we need to work a little bit on pronouns)

- Jayden: "What happens if Ezekiel grows up Spanish?"

- When leaving the hospital after our very busy visit, Jayden and Austen both inquired, "wait.  Where's the hole in his head?!" (soft spot)

And a few pictures for you to enjoy:

We're a photogenic bunch... (we also didn't try to coordinate this as much as it appears.  Just the matching big sister shirts)
Hannah innocently offering her baby brother a pillow for his face...
Hannah decided in the moment this was being photographed that she no longer wanted to be sitting down.  Or have baby brother on her lap anymore.  Good catch, Ben.  Good catch. 
Picture abandoned to rescue Zeke from a projectile 'nose suctioner,' thrown over his head in case he might need it. 
A rare peaceful moment.  Proud big sister.

Beautiful mama
We love you Buddy.  We've fought hard for you.
HOW are you sleeping?!?!
Now I'm going to take a picture of ME!
The more you have the harder to coordinate.  We tried.  Ohhhh we tried.  Good enough.


Mikailah said...

Oh, congratulations to the proud parents and big brothers and sisters!! :) We've been praying for you--so glad the delivery went well! Little Ezekiel is so beautiful... love all the pictures, too. The kiddos look so happy to have a new little brother! :) Such a beautiful family...

Congrats, again!


Moms In Need Of Mercy said...

The quotes from the kids are priceless! I laughed really hard :) Congrats, Ben & Amanda! (Amanda, please tell me that picture of you dressed up and looking beautiful was not shortly after delivery--that's not fair!!) :)
So happy for you guys!