Sunday, April 14, 2013

Family Aloud Reading

Jay reading Ramona's world outside in the coolness of the morning

 There are so man important reasons to share in a good book together as a family. It allows you to go on a shared adventure and make new friends to cry, laugh together towards the characters. I have always valued a good book with my children. I  fully enjoy reading to them and have spent countless hour over the past almost nine years reading . Even now, if I pick up a particular board book . I immediately reminisce over the feelings of closeness ... I shared with that particular child, their image on my lap, smelling and kissing their sweet blonde head.

     Reading increases ones awareness, around  him. It ignites their imaginations as pictures are created inside their minds. Also, it causes values and morals to be solidified as the child is presented with many different scenarios on right vs. wrong.

      This past year, the kids have had the privilege to travel on a covered wagon, on a boat with a mouse, be in Times Square, run through Indian lands, be apart of a family with a pesky little sister, hmm wonder if they can relate , live in a heavily dense wood , live in a house built out of a side of a hill, fly off with a nanny on wild adventures, sit and feel a loss when a child's mama passes away and a new one comes. I treasure these shared moments because we all go through them together, as we sit on a couch or floor and listen and imagine .

The books we have read since last summer:

1. Beezus and Ramona
2. Little house in the big woods
3.little house on the prairie
4. Mary poppins. Book one
5. A cricket in Times Square
6.stuart little
7. Cheaper by the dozen
8. Farmer boy
9.sarah plain and tall
10. On the banks of plum creek

I have ordered sign of the beaver, my side of the mountain , Julie of the wolves....for an added adventure flare to our reading. The above listed books were recommended  by Ben for the boys.

   So , turn off the tv and gather around together and share a good book.Laugh and enjoy these moments because as children age.. they always will  need connecting, family moments. THey will look back on these times with fondness even as adults. because,I still do. The Rumples and the Barleys, Thy friend Obadiah and so many more that my mom woulds read to us as children.


Nancy Bouwens said...

I am bringing one of the Happy Hollister books with me to read to the kids when we come :) I agree- the love of reading is one of the best gifts to give your children... and yourself. Reading together is a favorite memory I have of each of you as children- love to hear how you do the same!

Heather said...

What a great group of books. We haven't read any of the Little House books. I'll have to remedy that this summer. Thanks for the inspiration, my friend!