Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TwoYear Old Moments

     My Hannah Lou..She has the most beautiful smile. the other day, Ben picked her up and goes,"Wow, Hannah you are getting heavy ." and she responds ," Yes, I is."She is so ,loving to Ezekiel if he is ever crying she is the one of the first to locate a rattle and begin shaking it, stuffing"binkies" into his mouth.I love tucking her in before her nap as she smiles so sweetly up at me while I pray for her ,, with her little round face and I smooth her blonde hair down, so soft and floofy to the touch. She brightens my days, most days.The other morning I awoke and heard a noise and walked downstairs quietly and there in the darkness sat is Lou munching on popcorn, quietly.. all I see is this little hand emerge from behind the chair an quietly feel around in the glass bowl, made me smile. I just love her and the non stop energy she has , every where she goes she races..maybe i should try that."Ready, set, sprint!!!"- in the grocery store, mall, library.Now you see, now you don't.She loves to sit and look at books, adorn herself with multiple sticker layers,"Mama it ok, if i use these stickers??"The way she says mac-n- cheese"appie-annoie-and- cheese"

   Sitting on the potty to go stinkies where she asks to hold your hand, like she is a birthing mother and needs a support.. I am a potty doula, she grunts, grimaces her face and then smiles.. "I all done".. love her..S

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Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

the potty doula.... love it! :)