Saturday, May 4, 2013

scorpion stings and screams

   tThe other night,I successfully, got Ezekiel to sleep...brought him upstairs and came downstairs to turn on the monitor, like the responsible mom that I am. I walked into the dark kitchen, turned the ,monitor on , turned around and walked towArds t he living room to sit and enjoy some of the new library books I checked out, thinking about brewing a cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer and excited about the prospect of a quiet evening.

     I took three steps when all of aSudden I felt like I just shredded my toe on glass, thinking to myself funny I don't remember any glass breaking...I hop to the light switch and look down at this nasty arachnid moving its claws in a swimming motion that is when the panic set in, Benjamin was upstairs shuffling cards for a a game called get hooked, the boys play it together every week.

   When I calmly started declaring,"Ben,oh Ben..please come and assist me,save me.I've been stung by my fear."Actually, it was more if an unglued ,hysterical scream and sob "Ben!!ben!!"I screamed until he ran down the stair, my toes were freakishly  twitching and my face was contorted in pain..I thought, oh sure I survive a stroke but  it's a scorpion that will bring me home to those pearly  gates.

   After about five minutes of moaning on the floor in agony, Ben walked over into the kitchen and saw he evil thing, dead from the crushing weight of my massive body .

      The following day, I awoke with a numbness up to my ankle and a little pain in my little toe.Yet, later that night my dad and inducted ourselves into the Arizona rite of passage and went  scorpion hunting in the backyard, he was armed with killer, me the black light we found three more and would whisper excitedly to each other, "there it is,spray,spray, watch it..yes, it's dead!"

  then , I call poison control from my phone which is till a Michigan. Umber and a lady answers and I say, " ah,yes I have just been stung by a scorpion, what should I do?"

And she asks incredulously,"you ave been stung by a what? Where are you?" In my On my way! I reply annoyed...and she goes, you are not in Michigan are you?"

Apparently, each area code directs you I a certain poison controlI was wondering why she was acting so wierd.

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