Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy birthday Jayden

Jayden is:imaginative, creative, sensitive,Kindhearted,loving. Responsible,and  thoughtful. These are a few of the adjectives I feel accurately describe my fun-loving almost a nine-year-old son.

   He stated tonight that eight a was one of his best years. The ironic thing about this is that my stroke took place the day after he turned eight. I am very thankful for my very sweet, optimistic son. You bless me more than I can even explain. Watching you grow is a blessing to me.You are such help .You love  God and it love for God inspires me every day. Watching you read your Bible diligently every morning encourages me.

     I can't imagine my life without you.  you will  be used for mightily  for God. I love watching your imitations of the various characters,listening to your jokes. I love I love your bright red, weathered  adventure hat. That adventure hat has gone with you on countless adventures, into the pool swimming, running on a grassy field, climbing trees, playing tag, and watching fireworks.

     Sometimes, I wish I could freeze you into stage that you are every now. Thank you for coming downstairs every night to say "I love you" and give me a kiss and sweet hug. My life, would be so boring  and empty without you.  I love hearing how you want to be the owner of the zoo, pet store, astronaut, and scientist. Your favorite subject is science. You love riding your bike with your red adventure hat  and cowboy handkerchief tied loosely around your neck swiftly around the square. You are always so thoughtful towards Austen, Riah, Hannah, and Ezekiel.
     I remember being  able to pick you up and Rock you back and forth and say  Oh my little baby oh by little baby…  wait your not a little baby ,your a big boy. Its hard to believe you will be taller than me in the next few years,you are funny.  In your free time, you enjoy creating legos. making forts, and playing lion detective, drawing comics,scheming new business strategies, playing with Austen.Where would our lives be without your sensitive touch???I ,love you, and i a, so thankful for the privilege to me your mama. You and your siblings and Dad are my biggest motivators to heal, I don'r know if you will always have a very sketchily wrapped present, but I will give it my best.I cannot believe that it is your birthday already again...I am thankful I can celebrate  another beautiful year with you. Jayden  I love you.

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