Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Scorpion and the Cricket-A Tale of friendship

   The rain fell hard yesterday.A beautiful sound of rain flooded the streets, thunder rolled in the distance.Early that morning, Riah had spotted a scorpion in our home , a huge fiasco of capturing it ensued...with Hannah screaming from the kitchen. once captured the scorpion was placed in glass bowl in the garage.Meanwhile later that night, a cricket was found in our home so we decided to capture thstand put it with the scorpion to give him a friend. Unfortunately, the scorpion was never taught proper friendship etiquette and immediately brought his stinger out to subdue the cricket .Yet, one sting was not enough to hold our faithful friend down.He got up, much to the amazement of the scorpion , and began chasing him energetically around the bowl(with even a handicap, he had a broken leg).this game of cat and mouse went  on for a lengthy 10 minutes. The kids all laughed at the scorpion with his stinger down running from a cricket. Then finally, the scorpion decided it was worn out and hungry so he slowly reached out and grabbed the cricket with his pincher and stung him once. Poor thing didn't' fare so well from that sting and then he set him. Much to the amazement of the kids, we had never seen how a scorpion eats before. So, the moral of the story is if you treat your friends with kindness , you will always have someone to play with. Unfortunately, the loner scorpion is one again all alone in his glass bowl, with no one and unable to escape.

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Heather said...

Love it. What an amazing science lesson that the kids will never forget. I had another friend who did this with a black widow.