Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Fun!

What comes to mind when you think of summer time  treats?Poppsicles, tart lemonade pie,peanut butter pie, or how about snow cones?! Ice cold goodness, sweet , flavorful and colorful. During these hot summer evenings post dinner we have been making snow cones with my pampered chef shaved ice maker. The recipe is super simple:

1c water
2csugar...we used one
 4tsp koolaid

Bring water and sugar to a boil, remove from heat , then add kool aid , cool in cute glass containers until ready for dessert,

The kids love taking turns , turning their ice into shreds..it us such a sweet refreshing dessert that is really cheap and easy   to  make.

This  summer Aunt Krista has also constructed an elaborate tape highway on the ground of our dining room. The kids imagined for hours with their barn, airport and Legos. Also, we have been busy over here in the Ippel  home this summer making homemade play dough with kids and an instant bakery was constructed. I love their active imaginations!Reading stories, watching afv together and movies, the aquatic center is a blast as well...yes, Santa we have stayed  busy this summer as the kids transition to their new school next week. I am excited or he things God will be doing in their hearts over his next year. I will miss home schooling them for  second year ,but I need to concentrate on therapy now so I can be the best wife nd Moama to them in the future. I know that this school is the tbest place for them this next year.

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