Sunday, February 12, 2017

Simplicity After Surviving A Massive Stroke

   I have taken a huge, unintended break from my blog. .Left hand paralysis....can make wanting to type a pain in the hinnie. Yet, I feel I need to give this a try again. So, please bear with me... After  my stroke which the five year anniversary is this May!!!!! We stopped all extra curricular activities as my therapy took up ALL  our time.

    WE went into survival mode and to some extent, still abide there. The kids' lives are so busy with school parties, projects, and once a week clubs, i can become very overwhelmed with the amount of commitment that needs to come from me.  I feel like I have x amount of energy and creativity to give my family.... but not much is   left over for anyone else or anything.

I would like to think of myself as the star "room" mom, But honestly, that's not my goal.. I'm trying hard enough to be just a "star" actual Mom.  What that means is we have dinner, school on  time, lunches made, uniforms clean. I know not incredibly glamorous... but  it'll do.  I have learned a perfect word since having the stroke... ready????!!!


NO, I cannot fill in
No "I cannot bake a thousand cupcakes
No, I cannot drive for a field trip (b/c really I can't... it really is a no)
No, we cannot make five commitments on one Saturday
No, we are not participating in a fundraiser
No, I cannot volunteer at church
No, we are not buying our kids a million presents for Christmas

   Any mama out there, understand where I am coming from? I cannot be everything to all human groups and I refuse. My executive functioning was really affected in the has come back a lot!!!!! I am keenly aware of riding the over stimulant line.  I thrive with organization, a plan, and tranquility.

Well there it is my first blog post back  from 2015. It's a new day!

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