Thursday, March 22, 2012

Forces of Nature

Today we learned more about friction, inertia and force. We slid down the slide on placemats, cardboard boxes, trash bags, and a a blanket. The kids hypothesized on what would cause them move faster. We also tested a piece of wood, stone, rubber animals and an eraser to see which had the least amount of friction. 

We climbed trees and talked about how thankful we were they weren't made of ice and snow. Its been a fun day! Grandma even tested the forces of gravity and F=ma for us on the slide :) We do love her :)

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Moms In Need Of Mercy said...

We have the same shirt (Xavier)! Kohls...clearance :)
So where did you get the friction idea? (a certain curriculum?). I love that idea! I am trying to figure out what we're doing next year! Send ideas my way (or email, or FB). Hugs, Cheryl