Saturday, March 10, 2012

Obedience In The Military

The weather has been gorgeous around here lately! We find ourselves outside enjoying the sunshine, without the extreme heat quite often. I try to take school outdoors as much as possible during our winter months because we know that summer is just around the corner and it will be time again to hunker down and stay cool.

Coming from the midwest, my first summer here was so backwards. I would take the boys out at 7am and walk down to the park. The temperature would already be 100 and by the time we came home 1.5 later, we would be near 110 in mid July. I could not understand why there was no one around, playing. It was summer for goodness sakes! Now, I get it. Our summer is everyone else's winter. Now, I love thinking of our fun activities that I will plan this summer to get us through the heat. Trust me, sunshine and heat is so much better than sleet and blizzards. 

Below, is a picture of some veggie chips I attempted to make one afternoon. I sliced parsnips and turnips and drizzled olive oil and salt. I baked them at 400 degrees, set off the fire alarms and still managed to enjoy them. They were not as good as the store bought veggie  chips but still healthy. 

The kids and I have been studying the military and learning the importance of obedience within the soldiers' life. We listened to Phillip Sousa's marches, fell into rank and followed the leader yelling, " left, right left". Also, the kids took crayons, army vehicles and paper outside and drew pictures of their favorite vehicles. We've been reading a lot of books on military vehicles and I bought water balloons, shaped as grenades and we are just waiting for an 80 degree day to fill them up and have a war. 

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