Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Brain

The other day, as we were driving home from bible quiz, Jayden asked me if he had exercised his "cerebrum" today. I was laughing because yes, indeed he did form answering all those crazy bible quiz questions that impress me each time as the kids study hard and buzz in to be the first to answer. Jay got 2nd place at his first meet and 4th at this one yesterday. Good Job Jayden! I had someone watch Riah and Austen so Hannah and I could concentrate and cheer lead for Jay. It worked out really well.

We are wrapping up our study of the human body and all of its systems. We will still be focusing on cooperation but will spend a week on bees! I am really looking forward to this change and getting some new books from the library. We will be making a model using a flour and salt mixture of hte brain, baking it and painting the different parts. Jayden used playdough to create a model of the brain as well and it turned out really cute. I will post a picture. Austen is learning to read words that use -at, and has read the first 2 BOB books slowly and successfully!!! School is really going smoothly around here. We stay really busy with all the different activities. Have I mentioned how much I love KONOS??? :) I can't stop saying it! I am looking for a cool hymn supplement to teach the history behind the hymns and their composers, etc. Jayden has a few more lessons in Saxon 2 and we have already started his supplement math book. Austen is just doing real life math activities and that seems to suite him just fine :)

Yesterday, as I was pumping gas, I looked at Jayden slurping his peppermint mocha, decaf frappuccino in the backseat and he blew me a kiss....goodness, I love that boy! All the kids are napping and I'm searching for Christmas gifts for them online. Austen really, REALLY wants playmobil and loves the knight and castle set so I'm seeing what I can find...but might just end up going to Toys R Us to buy it and skip the shipping part...however, I truly want to do this before Black Friday as my mom is coming in and 4 kids and crowds sounds INSANE!

We are trying, this year, to really be purposeful on the gifts that we give them. To give them what they truly want and can play with and not overwhelm them with a bunch of "stuff".....will the tree be full of gifts , of course, but just not so much stuff...I have decided I would rather spend more on one thing than buy 10 things that they didn't need for the same price....What are your techniques for Christmas shopping for kids?

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