Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Valentines Day Card

Yesterday, Ben gave me a valentine's day card. It's a really long story, he's had it since Valentine's day, just never gave it to me. Please don't start feeling sorry for me, ok you can :) Just kidding. I wanted to post this because I wanted to brag on him a little bit.I don't think he reads my blog....he doesn't really need to; I inform him of every up and coming story that breaks in our family immediately ,but if he ever did....Ben, I love you!

Ben washing bird poo out of my hair in Florida

We have been together for almost 13 years, almost 8 married and I have to say, it truly does get better and better. You finally get over the "perfect" stage and start seeing that it's God's grace to us, that we extend to others that makes us fall more and more deeply in love. How can you live without grace? I love how , last night, the kids were dying of laughter as Ben was laying on the couch with Hannah and her wet, sweaty, stinky little feet standing on his head. Ben, talking in a peculiar sort of way ( we do that a lot around here), was having her slide her feet down his head, over his eyes and on his nose. The other three kids couldn't get enough of him doing that! Jayden was throwing his body back and forth, doubled over laughing so hard, Austen was shaking and Moriah was crinkling up her little nose, lips pursed together and laughing :) It was the funniest scene, and it blessed me. Why? Because my family means more to me than anything and my husband means more to me than anything. I am thankful for him and how he supports me, how he looks out for me and how he TRULY cares about me. I will be at the store and he'll call just to make sure I'm safe or ok. He feels so torn between everything in his life but puts his family first and says "no" to countless offers of getting together with friends, just to be with us. Benjamin is extremely hardworking, never calls in sick and has so much integrity. ( Jayden reminded me of Ben when we were at the airport in Oregon and Jay was freaking out because the sign "said" no one over 42 inches could play in the play structure, and he was over AND he was playing). I am just so thankful for Ben, for him in my life and in our children's lives. He loves me and takes care of me and appreciates me. I love him and am so blessed by him. The other day, just rocking Hannah in the chair in our living room, I was almost brought to tears thinking of how this was the age that I had to go back to work with Jayden, and Austen was only 6 weeks old. Words cannot describe how I would rather sacrifice so many material things, to stay home with our children. I am so thankful that this was important to Ben even before it was to me, pre marriage. I love you Benjamin and our lives will never be the same, you are so loved and thank you that you give me valentine's cards in November...and it's ok, because you show me everyday how in love you are with me. I love you.


Haley Kadzban said...

Listening to your words about Ben makes my heart skip a beat for you Amanda.... it's so amazing to see a love so strong as the one you two share. You're children will forever be blessed because they have you both as their mommy and daddy. I'm just so happy that a person who loves her husband deeply and fiercely, as you do Amanda, has found a husband who can love her the same way in return. <3

nancy said...

It blesses my heart to know you are loved.. and love so deeply.... what more could a mom ask for than her daughter is loved and cherished... above all else... and just in case he does ever read your blog.... (thank you Ben.. for loving my girl and those amazing kids soo much! )