Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good Morning

Well, I am making myself write this morning because I need a moment to "wake up". I was awaken by little knocking by 3 different children last night, Riah wet through her sheets....that's what towels are for until the morning, Austen was cold-yet had blankets surrounding him, Jayden wanted to cuddle and that doesn't count the times that Hannah woke up and was hungry for a 2 second snack and kept gently kicking me in my stomach, grunting and moving. What restful night! The crazy thing is, I had dreams yet they were those dreams where they are so strange and crazy that you know you aren't sleeping hard because your brain is working too hard to figure them out.

Right now, Hannah is laying on my bed, staring at the ceiling fan and talking to herself, " au-au=au". She has such a dainty little voice. The other kids are suppose to be eating breakfast in the kitchen by their squeels sound a little bit more than just eating breakfast. I have already changed Moriah's diaper and still need to tackler her bed. I am sitting here with my hot apple cider and enjoying some  solitude amdist the constant interruptions. I am looking forward to sewing today....something that sparks a whole other side of my brain , and I actually feel these connections! Its like a part of me that has been dormant for awhile, not sure. I am really trying to be purposeful on my quest of trying to be a great mama and wife to make sure that "me" is also exercised and learning new things. I feel that I have accomplished that, thus far. But the night is young, my dear friend.

Working out to me, is more than just a fun little task that needs to be done each day....no, it's way more. It's a challenge to me and to my body and to my lifestyle that I will stay in shape, regardless of how busy. Why? Because at the end of the day, it'll be me and my body and if I let it go and eat like junk and do not take care of it, how am I suppose to be a better wife and mama and not prolong the life that God has graciously given to me to live? I mean wouldn't it be better to do crazy stunts or fly across the Pacific, something I'm actually scared to do because I have kids, than to slowly kill myself with horribly fattening, sugary foods? I'm just saying, I'm not perfect at this-as far as the sugary foods, but I"m trying to get better, a lot better. Please pray for my diligence in this as I could use the encouragement :)

Well, I have now, four kids, in the room with me-Jayden talking to me about netflix and veggie tales, Austen standing in his big boy pants and complaining that he is freezing, Moriah laying so sweetly next to Hannah and sucking her thumb and Hannah just cooing away at Moriah. We have someone looking at our home tomorrow, which means we need to clean it today and tomorrow....and to be honest, I'm pretty tired of cleaning it to that level. I found a home, that I am in love with but we cannot do anything until the short sale is done and then again not for another 3-6 months because we were 2 weeks late with our July payment. Even though we had on time payments the entire rest of the loan....so crazy......so , it looks like we will have 2 moves.....we'll see....well, I need to go help four children for all four different reasons...but I feel blessed and thankful, for I have children that are happy and healthy...and for that, I am truly blessed!

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Cati Stokes said...

Hi Amanda! I have been following your blog for 2 days now :) (referred by Heather Haupt)

And it is such a wonderful encouragement to me!

I homeschool my two daughters (7 & 3) Using Sonlight, & BJU in the West Valley (Litchfield Park area)
But I drive out to Gilbert once a week for a playgroup out there.
I was just wondering if you could share what homeschool group you are apart of? I am interested in the Bible Quiz group your son Jayden goes to? I looked for an e-mail to send this and did not see one.
Thank you so much. God bless you journey as a homeschool mommy!
-Cati Stokes