Friday, November 12, 2010

For The Life Of Our Children

God, I pray for the life of my children, for the life of the children....Children are a blessing from God, they are the delight of the Father. Father God I pray for peace and strength on how to know how to fight this battle, this war that is raging against the unborn, the miscarried, the children...Father God, my heart is burdened, angry, hatred for the deceiver runs through my veins and I declare war against him, Father God. Give me the strength to fight, bring out the daughter that you have created to fight this battle. Father God, this is war! I will not stand by idly and watch as children are being taken with sickness, perversion, abuse, in the name of Jesus I declare war against satan. God, I pray protection for my children, in Jesus name....the blood of Jesus, I plead over them, cover them from their head to their toes, I pray against the demons of perversion, abuse, deceit, drug addiction, alchol, depression in the name of Jesus, I bind , in Jesus name, those demons and I pray Father God YOUR power to fight, your power to battle. Do not allow my spirit to rest with complacency Father God but give me a steadfast, hardcore prayer life, one that the enemy shakes when I start to talkin' and I start to walkin' and my speech gets faster and my heart starts beating....I pray the enemy trembles because I believe in YOU, Father God...I believe in your restoration, your wholeness and I will not sit back! NO! I will not sit back! God this is a generation under attack are raising Giant Slayers, you are raising young boys and girls to slay the giant and in the name of Jesus I pray protection!!!!!!! Protect my children and their minds and their lives, protect them from anyone that would seek to hurt them, IN THE NAME OF JESUS! I pray for discernment, I pray for wisdom....God, grant this to me I pray....I can never, will never think that I can successfully raise, train and pray for my children without your grace and wisdom and strenght....God, when I think that almost a year ago my daughter, your daughter was almost taken from me by the enemy and Lord who showed me a picture of my womb contracting, back and forth, back and forth and your hand around the period size life of my daugther Hannah-My favor, grace and prayer.....God, you who called the world into motion, who walked this earth as a man and brought heaven to earth, God we claim dominion and promise over our children, this generation.....God, raise up my children to be strong leaders, NEVER followers....God place your hand upon Austen, Lord raise him up for mighty, exalted things in your kingdom. Lord his spirit is tender, protect that, protect his health I pray Health over him. Holy Spirit, I pray for Moriah, in the name of Jesus I pray against any spirit of defiance and rebellion in the name of Jesus, I pray Father that her spirit would be so full of grace, love and gentleness that her character and presence, the presence of you would walk before her. For Jayden, in the name of Jesus, raise up a mighty, mighty man of God. Give him intellect and understanding, Father God -Jehovah has heard is seeking you, open his eyes to you, who Jayden who he is in YOU. God I pray for my friends and their friends that are being attacked through their own children's battles, whether it be miscarriage, disease, rebellion, in the name of Jesus I pray for healing, hope, restoration and peace ......Lord, equip the parents to fight this battle with power, your power....God, bring us to our knees.....Lord, you are a God of LIFE never death, I pray against the spirit of death, death of a dream, death of life, death of body....In your name Jesus, I pray LIFE.....Protect Jesus- I pray a spiritual boundary over my home, in the name of Jesus, let no ungodly thing enter, I pray Ben and I will be constant gatekeepers to our children's eyes, ears and hearts...may we never stop, may we never give into the social norms and desensitized.....God open our eyes to the battle that wages around us....for our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the principalities of darkness...." But the Lord is faithful, who shall establish you, and guard you from the evil one ." 2 Thess. 3:3....." 23(AQ)The steps of a man are established by the LORD,
         And He (AR)delights in his way.
    24When (AS)he falls, he will not be hurled headlong,
         Because (AT)the LORD is the One who holds his hand."-Psalm 37:23-24

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nancy bouwens said...

Amen... so be it Lord Jesus- in grace and power and strength.. we trust you for all things.