Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Five Years Old!!!

5 year old bday

2 year old bday

Austen, I can't believe you are five. I love how you express yourself so much with so few words at times. You are sensitive, creative, innovative. God has blessed your hands. I am so excited to see where you will go with your hands. You care so much for your sisters and Jayden. I love watching the excitement in your eyes when you build a lego and show me your " ceeation". Your sweet, sweet round face with "cushy" little ears and nose makes me want to kiss you and squeeze you. I love how you are "Toad" and Eeyore, melancholy to the bone. I can't imagine you any other way, though at times I wish you weren't always such a "doomsday" boy I love you, for you. " This is my sad time of day".

I love your confidence, I pray you continue to grow confident in the Lord and in His mighty works. You love stickers, mazes, and coloring. You trace your finger ever so carefully through a challenging maze track and find such joy in completing that task. You are a good listener, participate in church and you bless me. Your emotions can be extreme, your voice is much louder than the rests. I laugh, thinking back, how you used to wake up from your naps as a two year old, coming out of your bedroom slowly with your blanket in hand and mouth wide open just crying and yelling very, VERY loudly. Now, when you wake up its just a scowl, sit on the couch and let me be for a few minutes. At this moment in life, you think milk is spicy in cereal, love peanut butter and jelly, broccoli, carrots, and most other vegetables and I would have to say you are my most solid, healthy eater. I love you so much, I am so proud of you and I can't believe all that you have accomplished this past year. You bless me Austen, I love you! Happy "be late" birthday!

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