Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Be late Birthday Moriah!

Sooo, I was gone during Moriah's birthday and truth be told, we celebrated her birthday with family but I wanted to wait until we got home to give her our presents and do a little celebration with Ben and that has " ahem" not happened yet....so, after Hannah's birthday we will do Miss Rys.

this was taken on her 3rd birthday at Lake Michigan
Moriah, how can I express what is feels to be the mama of a sweet, energetic three year old daughter. I laugh and laugh watching you dance, skip and hop everywhere. You never walk ever, unless you are upset and you drop your arms as far as they can go, like an ape, and hunch your back over with the most elongated frown on your face. Your spirit energizes me. " can you pway with me?". I love playing with you. I love sitting with your doll house dolls or carrying your wrapped up blanket as a pretend doll. You are caring, kind, sensitive, sweet, loving, energetic and full of life.

You love to read, you live princess. For someone who has never officially watched any princess movie ( sorry, we are still stuck on "boy" mode over here) you love your princess, you tell everyone you are a princess. You make me laugh as you position princes stickers all over your walls to make them beautiful.

I love how you say because " petuz". I love you. I am so excited to see where God will take you. I am so proud of you. This past year you have come so far. You are potty trained, you became a big sister, you stopped getting out of bed 20x per night. You are much more obedient and kind and work really hard, MOST of the time, to be kind to your brothers. Although " Ramona" comes out and so does that little beady eye, at times, we are in love with you.

To be made a mama of a daughter is an amazing experience. Thank you for giving me the privilege of watching you grow up, to make mistakes on you but be resilient enough to not let it falter you. You have a powerful spirit; God has created you for mighty, MIGHTY works. Your name means, " Jehovah is your instructor" May God mold your spirit for teaching and working with others. To encourage them to learn new things and to have a powerful witness for Him.

I love you Moriah, I love your bouncy wispy hair, stick legs with knobby knees, your facial expressions and beautiful blue eyes. I love how you sing everywhere you go, making up songs and praising the Lord. I am blessed Moriah. Happy be late birthday. I cannot believe you are three! I love you!

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