Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thankful Heart

So a friend of mine who has an amazing blog cultivated lives does a "thankful " list you could call it. She lists the things, every day things, that she is thankful for. Amdist all this open ended chaos that has been going on over here, I believe now is the time to start mine. My goal is to get to 1000 .

Today I am thankful for:
1. Sweet cuddles in the morning
2. blonde wispy hair brushing against my face
3. boxes so I can pack
4. Jayden's excitment of finishing Humphrey's Summer Adventure chapter book
5. cool mornings
6. my children's health
7. Ben and my health
8. electricity to continually run our a/c
9. friends that are so supportive and loving
10. family that is so supportive and loving
11. quiet chatter of my children in the morning
12. dancing to the meaningless/funny song of " hot dog" from Mickey Mouse Club House and smiling and laughing with my children with Moriah in my arms
13. for moments like the one above where it brings me back down to earth with childlike concerns giving moments for emotional "freedom"
14. God's love- something I am learning more and more about each day
15. life lessons- the character that is somehow getting chizzled out of me even though at times I feel like I'm failing
16. God's grace
17. God's mercy
18. watching Jay's anole attack the calcium covered crickets in his terrarium
19. the sound of the morning dove
20. the refreshing feeling of a new day.

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