Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We're back!

We arrived home after a very amazing and long hiatus from life out here in the desert. There is something so refreshing about being around lots and lots of family. That I miss terribly. However, there is something refreshing about my life out here too. Its a strange place to be in but I'm ok with that. We accomplished so much while we were in Michigan. Here are a few things, beach trips( multiple times), public museum, multiple family gatherings, 3 VBSs, two movie theater trips, a bee learning visit, two 4th of July parades, fireworks, campfires, pool swims, park days, play dates, out to eat, carousel rides, bide rides, slip and slides in the backyard, Wed. night church, many stops to Starbucks, smores, farmers markets, pet stores, cuddles with family dogs, did I mention family get togethers, Ben and I went away for a few days together and visited Mackinaw City, bought loads of fudge, kisses and hugs and early wake up calls with precious children, two reading programs completed, the zoo, critter farm, hagar park castles, pedicures for Riah's birthday, jazz at the zoo, Kent Trail walks - wow I miss those trails covered with thick, green foilage and trees so tall that they create a canopy as you walk under them, special visits with Great Grandparents, releasing a dove caught in a squirrel trap, an Aunt's open house,  meeting and playing with lots of cousins, and finally the last thing I can think of this early in the morning enjoying cool summer mornings, warm summer days, hot, thick, muggy summer days and exciting thunderstorms at night


nancy bouwens said...

Thank you for sharing your days with us! We loved every minute of having you here...and miss you huge but love you even MORE!

nancy bouwens said...

what a great trip... enjoyed every snuggle every kiss, hug, tear, laugh and giggle from your precious children... and you!

nancy bouwens said...

loved looking at these pictures once again today- miss you guys tonight alot for some reason! :/ hugs.