Monday, January 9, 2012

Baking Bread, Creating Lanterns

I am typically a writer- and can be long winded at times...I can't help it..I have so much to say in a short amount of space. Today, however, I am going to try my own version of " Muffled Mondays". We created lanterns out of soup cans and designed patterns that will be finished tomorrow using a nail and hammer. Austen also helped me bake homemade bread , pretending to be Aaron from the Green Mountain Boys. He enjoyed kneading it fast so we could have it ready to bake " just in time!". Tomorrow we will finish up our lanterns and light them with our candles. I am sure they will be beautiful! Now, join me for Muffled Mondays.
Creating a design that will be chiseled out tomorrow

working on a design for her lantern for Old North Church

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