Friday, January 6, 2012

Sweet Prayers

Today the kids noticed that dear Sally Bonny ( Austen's anole he received for Christmas) was missing out of their tank. Honestly, we have no idea how she could have gotten out as Frisky ( Jayden's anole) is still in there. The kids are heart broken, and so are we. Here is how our prayers went tonight.

Moriah " Dear Jesus, please help us find Sally Bonny. Help her to be ok, that we will find her, that she will not be 'wost' any more, that we can buy a new one at the pet store, that she will be nice."
Austen: " Dear Jesus, I pray that we find Sally Bonny and that the new anole we get at the pet store will get along lovely with Frisky."

The kids' cheeks are tear stained and red. This breaks our hearts! I pray we find her, that she is somehow hidden so well in the dirt that she will just come out- it doesn't bother me that their might be a lizard in our home, just if she is out, how did she get out? God hears our prayers and He is so good that someone can be praying for the life of their child and another can be praying for a lizard to be found- and His heart is so tender to them both. What a beautiful Father!

Another interesting conversation that Ben and I had the enjoyment of listening in on was on the way to the zoo today,
Moriah- " My tummy does not hurt anymore. I went to bed, my brain told me to fall asleep fast and now I am awake and it doesn't hurt."
Austen- " Why did your tummy hurt?"
Moriah- " Because, Abby and I snuck into Owen's candy drawer and ate all his candy. We were sneaky and I am very sorry now for that. I will not do that again."

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