Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Redcoats Are Coming!

Paul Revere and all his glory mounted into our home today. The kids and I had such a fun time reading through all of our Revolutionary war books about Paul Revere and the midnight ride. We learned that he was a silversmith and how the colonists would melt down their silver coins to make teapots in order to prevent thieves from stealing their money. Jayden put on his three point hat and helped to reenact the Midnight Ride. We also pulled out our army figurines and set up a battle on the living room floor. Its so fun seeing the comprehension of the boys and even Riah with something so big.

We also read Aaron and the Green Mountain Boys. This is based on the true story of a young boy, Aaron, who was 9 years old and wanted to fight the British but needed to remain home to help cut wood for his grandfather's tavern. The wood he cut helped keep the fire going that, in turn, provided a place for the tired mountain men to dry off their guns and eat bread so they were ready to fight and win the next day.

It was a great opportunity to discuss how our small actions in obedience leads to the greater good when we are diligent. The kids than watched two more episodes of Liberty Kids. This is a great teaching tool. Sweet and simple and keeps the battle scenes at a very elementary level.

Austen has worked so hard on his maze books and dot to dot this week- he has completed 4 books this week!

the "Redcoats" coming into Boston Harbor

some of the fun books we are reading
The best part of today though, was while I was cleaning up Hannah who had decided to poo ALL over herself and her bedding the other three kids were outside riding in a circle. Jayden was dressed in all brown with a coon skin hat on and his shoes that he learned to tie very well and tight today. He was a militiamen. Austen was a Patriot as well and Moriah was a British soldier. They were reinforcing our lesson today, all on their own and having a blast! Jayden comes running in and asks, "Can we learn about all the wars Mama?" and " A bunch of battles makes up a war, doesn't it?". I love how they put things together so well! Having fun in school! I can't wait for next week, and my very planned week I might add!

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Mary Broussard said...

Love the lesson on being faithful in the small things! It's so exciting when the kids are enthusiastic about what they are learning. Good job today!