Friday, January 20, 2012

Let's Throw This Day In the Toliet

Yesterday was a day where I pretty  much wanted to scream for sanity sake and run. I honestly thought it was going to work out perfectly. I had a very successful workout in the morning, came home and thought- " Today seems like a great day to bake homemade bread!". Austen wanted banana bread and we needed regular bread. Everything started out well. We kneaded the homemade bread, followed the directions and 2 hours later the dough was a lump of coal sitting lifeless at the bottom of the bowl. The banana muffins emerged from the warm environment of the oven only to be rock hard, as well, and completely tasteless. I still have no idea what went wrong. I even used the terrible for you flour and they still did not turn out.

Then, Hannah ate Greek yogurt for breakfast and successfully smeared it all over herself, her hair and snotty nose. So, the next logical step was to give her a bath. Filled the bathtub full of warm, sudsy water and let her play. Ben went to take her out and she was squatting with a very worried look on her face. " Amanda, what is she doing!?!?!"- " Oh, probably pooing in the tub." I say nonchalantly. Because, of course, why WOULDN'T she be pooing in the tub.

Moriah was in very rare form. She threw fits and crying stories all day long. I have tried the logical approach with her as well, " Moriah, you remember the story of the boy who cried wolf?". Instead of turning into a teachable moment she just wants me to repeat the story over and over until I want to cry wolf, have her look and me run away.

My dishwasher, at times, smells like hell- and I mean sulfuric smell. I have no clue, again, what is wrong with it but I think I will be calling the landlord. I am not sure if its the city's water or what but a mixture of a crappy dishwasher ( probably the only complaint of our great house) and the crappy city water and our dishes would be better left to the hands and not the machine. However, this poises a problem because then the dishes from breakfast, snacks, bread and muffins that turned out terrible and lunch all become backed up into the sink until I throw a ton of baking soda and vinegar into the dishwasher for a dry cycle.

The house looked like someone ran around and just tossed things to and fro and school was just not going to happen in the "traditional" sense of the word. I asked all the kids to go up and bring down some games, laid Hannah down for a nap and we played. This went pretty well for about three games and then Moriah kept having melt downs. She has a really bad cold, like Hannah, so I think that has a lot to do with her meltdowns but I can only handle so much. I had everyone, and I mean EVERYONE take a quiet time- then, Riah and I , later that day, went outside for fresh air, she rode her bike and we played a game called "whack" ( the kids had made it up the previous day). The person on the bike has to avoid getting whacked from a pool noodle. Trust me, I took way too much pleasure in this game, " No Riah, you keep riding and I'll keep whacking." I"m terrible, I know...but you know what.....much of my tension started to fade away.

Today was a new day, a good day, a productive oatmeal pancake batter spilled everywhere this morning but I refused to let that set precedent. We ended the day with a great movie, " Johnny Tremain" by Disney- I highly recommend this movie and pizza. So thankful yesterday is done and today my sanity returned in the morning..." His mercies are new every morning" and so are mine :)

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