Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Bags!


At the beginning of the Christmas season I created, with the help of my amazing and oh so talented sister in law, some cute Christmas bags. The idea behind these were to fill them each day with different books, movies, crafts or bake good to create during the season.... Well, as with any idea that I have there is always a little tweaking. However, I do have to say that coming into the Christmas week, very shortly, we didn't end up doing so bad.

Here is a list of some of the activities, etc that we did while remembering the Christ is the reason we celebrate...

Playmobile Nativity set-opened and played with
Christmas sticker book and magnet book - thank you Grandma this was a huge hit!! Especially w/ Austen
Gingerbread house- was so excited to make my first gingerbread house as well
Advent-each day! We love that as well
Lots and lots of Christmas books from the library...I think I checked out every book that had the word Christmas in it :) Still need to get to parts of In The Big Woods and Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Christmas cookies-baked so many and the boys did a great job helping
Decorating the tree with lights AND ornaments ( we finally got to those yesterday)
Singing Christmas songs
Christmas crafts that are a secret as they are for family
Christmas movies, ie; Frosty, Little Drummer Boy, Puncinello, Rudolph, and Charlie Brown's

Still no Christmas cards but at this point I'm not going to stress about them....maybe I will start a tradition....Spring time cards since that is my favorite time of year any ways. Overall, I feel that we did a lot of fun activities thus far and still have a whole other week to go!

We truly focus on Christ being the center of the season. I dont mind the whole Santa Claus thing but the most hilarious thing is neither of my boys have ever really cared about him or pretending he exists so we don't even focus on santa. Instead, we spend the entire month teaching and training our children on why Christ came, what the means for us now and what we need to do with it. We love Christmas!! Merry Christmas!

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I love this blog- you give us all a little peak into the moments that make up your lives! You are a beautiful mama- with amazing little ones! Your words inspire and motivate - keep writing- keep sharing- keep loving LIFE and embracing the moments... each and every one of them! said...

i miss the postings from the special mama and her babes adventures! Come back and play blogger mom!! We miss you and your beautiful kids! Blessings