Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some days are like this

Today I have just been very frustrated. I feel that I put too many expectations upon myself and when the don't come through I just become very frusterated at that....I have been thinking about ways to simplify my life....Yesterday I donated probably half of a warehouse to Goodwill and could do more. I have letters sitting around my house to be mailed out, yet I don't buy stamps. Breakfast in the morning can seem so frusterating at times, planning for Jayden and Austen's school, meal planning, etc.. so that I have been brainstorming ways to simplify my life by little steps....for example, when I have letters written to go out to people, but no stamps I feel like I am letting someone down...but instead of going out and getting stamps, I just keep pushing the letter around. I no this makes no sense to anyone but that's ok sense no one really reads this it's like I am pushing the guilt around all day, all here are my little ideas to get rid of some guilt, over expectations and proceed on with freedom and less stress

1. Never write a letter until I have stamps with me.
2. Buy stamps once a month, first of the month
3. Set breakfast setting up the night before
4. No movies in the morning- this throws our whole routine off!
5. Read 1-2 chapters of my novel per night
6. Work on my project for 1/2 per night and if I am feeling great at it keep going
7. Do not waste time on the internet unless everything else is accomplished
8. Enjoy my babies and smile more- I know for those of you who know me, I am always smiling but I feel this is something I can do even more

Put PB&J away as soon as I use it- otherwise it just keeps getting cluttered on the counter....

So I will try to adopt some of these policies.....I feel they are attainable and enriching to my life...wasting time on the internet, tv, etc. only takes away from precious hours of creativity...yes, sometimes they are needed...but for me, they make me feel behind and non pray that I am able to do these. I am just very frusterated today....thank goodness tomorrow is a new day!


Becky Nummerdor said...

You are so amazing! <3

Michelle said...

I love you girl. I can totally are soo inspiring! Call me anytime and I will bring you Starbucks and leave with your kiddos! xoxo