Friday, December 18, 2009

Dirty Doors

Tonight I was picking up, preparing for tomorrow. I was bringing odds and ends toy trucks and plastic horses from the living room into the boys' room. As I was closing their door I noticed smudges, dirt, jelly, crayon smears, and a myriad of many other materials smeared over their door. I don't really ever look down at their door or have the time to slowly remove myself from their room area to my next area. Life is a little busy. As I walked into the kitchen to grab a washcloth to wash away the fun of the day, a smile crept across my face.

Those smears, they are evidence of fun, of laughter of enjoyment of life. I can hear their laughter radiate throughout the halls as the three of them run back and forth from each other's room. The many times where they asked me for a cracker, a cookie or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The times when they raced and chased eachother outside as I watched from the window.

There are times that one needs to watch from the window to accomplish some give task. However, how do you spend your time as your kids are running to and fro? Are you running with them, are you laughing with them? Are you embracing moments that are but a finger print ready to be washed away?

Admittedly, there are times that I watch more than I run. Call it having more than one child, a lack of prioritizing or homeschooling two children, raising three and managing a it whatever you want but my children will remember my running. They will remember me engaging in an active battle of water guns and my laughter....oh, they will remember my laughter and my sense of humor and my love, oh my love for them! Oh, how I love them!

Doors, they can always be washed....children will not always be a step away from a water fight...I encourage you to embrace!! Embrace them while they are young, embrace them while they grow older so that you might never regret the moments that were had or the moments at hand....but always reach forward with arms open wide for a hug.... love them, for they love you so!

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