Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Day of Stickers

Today I resolved to spend a lot of time, quality time, with Austen. I enjoy him so much and he is so precious to me and so much fun. He is so much fun and very tactical. We sat down and completed a huge Christmas sticker book today. We had so much fun! Just sitting together, working on where baby Jesus went, ornaments, the shepherds, etc. He enjoyed it so much and I enjoyed working with him alone. We spent hours pouring over the stickers together, laughing at the snowmen and where he placed the carrot noses and pointed stick hands. Kissing his sweet, soft smelling hair and the feeling of him cuddling up next to me with no interruptions. I have been praying for my Austen lately. The other day, we found him standing on top of Jayden's bunk hanging on the curtain rod. The next day, taking a spray bottle and spraying these beautiful, floating, fragile ( yeah, I know, they are in their room more for me than them) Pottery barn dragon flies....then finally, yesterday Moriah was covered with teal marker, all over her face, neck, Austen's hands, cheek, the bathroom walls, sink and countertop..... I know he is three but baby, something needs to change. I started thinking..... Austen plays a lot...but not necessarily with me.... so my new goal and desire is to really pour into Austen, as I did with Jayden. I love being with him. He is so hillarious as he talks in a high pitch voice and pretends to be a female cat named " Joyce". He make silly faces at Riah and she laughs her head off. He cries if I'm not in the room and states that he , " thought you went to the circus". He is my lovers, will always be my lovers and I look forward to tomorrow investing into his life, individually by doing more stickers and painting a surprise for the grandparents for Christmas. I love you Austen, you are valued, you are special and you were created by God for powerful things. Be blessed my child. Come Jesus and fill his spirit with your love and acceptance. You, Austen, are a valued member of our family and we need you!

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