Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas is here

Yesterday was fantastic. As I posted the previous day, I have been really working hard on being more purposeful with my time and doing little improvises throughout the day. The boys wanted to work on a wooden truck that you construct and paint. So, the night before I laid out all the paints and paper that we would need as well as finding paintbrushes. Also, I unloaded the dishwasher which is a huge head start in the morning with all the bowls, spoons, spilt milk and cereal going on. An empty dishwasher means sanity. I also laid out black construction paper and all the supplies we would need to do our CHristmas craft for that day.

The next morning, besides not putting a movie in right away, which I need to work on, we went right into crafting. We painted the truck, constructed it and allowed it to dry. Then, we proceeded in making our sheep hand prints and talking about the Shepherds and what happened during the birth of Christ in the Bible. The boys really enjoyed this and Austen wanted to create two sheep. If I knew where the cord was to post pictures of , I would but will find that later. I was even so impressed with the fact that I rememberd that Jayden was in the book it club for Pizza Hut and we had a zoo day scheduled to see the Komodo Dragons as well as all the other wonderful animals at the zoo. I was not stressed, able to keep up with the clutter and enjoy my children to the fullest as well as call ahead to Pizza Hut and order two personal pan pizzas for pickup at 11 and then head to the zoo.

I am still amazed at how small, little insignificant steps can lead to such monumental moments. I also completed one whole strawberry shortcake felt food for Moriah and that totaled to almost 3 hours....yes, they take me forever but are so cute!

Christmas cookies and Hot cocoa were eaten and enjoyed, Christmas music played in the background and I felt at peace in my heart. My children were able to play and carry on as usual and I felt very, very peaceful. I am reading a book right now about what it means to be a family manager and how to manage time, etc. The book is so inspirational that I may, in the future, quote some of it. I love staying at home and am determined to do it with excellence. I believe in taking time for myself, ie: my workouts, planning my time wisely, educating my children, spending time with my husband and managing my home with effiency. I love this journey! I am so excited to share all of my experiences with some other young mom, someday. There are very few women mentors out there, and that is so sad to me. More than anything, young mamas and wives want a mature, Christian, woman mentor who will come along side of them encourage and take part in their lives. I cannot wait to do this for someone..... I will not waste all my insight and and learning experiences on only myself.

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Cati Stokes said...

Can you please share the name of the book you were reading? About home management? LOL Don't laugh that I am still reading your blog at 2 in the morning. My alarm is on for 7! :))