Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My son, the pastor

Last night was the most precious night that I've had in awhile. It started off earlier that morning. Jay had crawled into bed with Ben and I and started crying...he said, " please pray, please pray I just had a dream of a dragon in the bathroom and I am scared." So I started to pray, asking God for peace for Jayden, a comfort, etc.

Later that night, we were all getting ready for bed and Jay started crying and asking me to pray again as he was scared. I just felt the Holy Spirit come upon me and got out the bible. I started sharing with him who satan was and what he has set out to try to do, etc. Jayden asked what the real satan looked I went on to share what the Bible has to say about him. How he is a father of lies, how he tries to scare us, make us think he is powerful, etc. Well then, we began to talk about heaven and hell and he just started sobbing. The most heart wrenching sobs. He cried out, " Did Great Grandpa know Jesus??" and I said, " Oh yes honey, he did...he is with Jesus now!" and then looks at me, tears streaming down his face, " Do you know Jesus?" " Yes! Jayden I do. I love him" Does Daddy know Jesus?" Yes he does and he loves Jesus too and asked him into his heart...." " But , what about Austen, he hasn't" and he just starts sobbing and he is walking down the bunk bed ladder and goes " Austen, do you want to ask Jesus into your heart, to live there?" and Austen said, " yes" and Jayden said, " I will tell you what to say, you just repeat after me" " Dear Jesus, I love you, please come live in my heart. I love you in Jesus name Amen"

There, right in their precious bedroom one son asked Jesus into his life while the other led him to the Lord. Isn't this what life is about???! Isn't this what parenting is for. These children are not our own, they are Gods. God is the one who has formed them, created them for His own will. We, as children of God, can choose to follow that will or do our own thing but we were created to praise and worship him and to share with the world about His coming, love and salvation.

Jayden started crying again about being scared and I just kept praying over him, " You are a strong man of God, you are destined for greatness. You are called to a purpose of authority over satan. You will use the sword of the spirit to strike down the enemy. You have power over him because of Christ who lives in you!" and he said, with tears, " I don't feel very strong" and I just start crying as my heart is breaking at his purity, honesty and vunerability. I said, " Do you remember Gidieon in the bible?? He didnt feel strong either, he didn't feel brave either but what did God say, ' Be strong and courageous'". God fought for Gideon. What a precious, precious moment in the lives and hearts of both of my boys. This is my story, this is my heart.

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Nancy Bouwens said...

this is amazing- this is precious- this is God!