Thursday, November 12, 2009

Frusterating times at the Playground

What a beautiful , cloudy warm day. We enjoyed a very productive day of school and some wonderful time with friends at the park. I do have to say though, why is it that my son Jayden always seems to be singled out for exclusion?? I can't think of anything more frusterating and angering to me than this. Today, at the park we came to play, to enjoy time with friends. Jayden and Austen were playing with a huge group of kids and appearing to have a good time. Then, upon closer inspection there was some friction occuring. Me, being the very Momma Bear that I am and observant of what is going on head over to inspect. As I arrive some child is declaring that " All kids 6 and under are not part of the club and are excluded" . Excuse me, did someone stop and ask you to be the all performing club president of the park? That would mean that both my boys could not "play" or be apart of what they were doing. The lovely child was very adamant stating, " I dont' trust them...." Did I ask you if I cared if you trusted them, brother they just want to play tag, not be apart of your "club". I could not believe my ears. I do not think that just because a child is homeschooled means that he will be kind but this was unbelievable. How unkind and rude can you be?!

I feel that Jayden is faced with these types of situations over and over. Maybe I feel the way I do because I was faced with them over and over as a child and now being on the other side, in the sense that I could careless about being included/excluded from anything or nothing, I feel very passionate about protecting my child. Jayden has the sweetest, purest heart out there. Do I think he is perfect, absolutely not but he does know how to treat someone with kindness.

Sometimes I get so angry that this happens to him over and over. I feel, at times, that God is really building character in him and working him through this to give him so much empathy and understanding to the underdog. As a parent, however, this is very hard to watch. In all honesty, if I could I would set aside my personality and beat anyone that tried to mess with my child. That is how strongly I feel about protecting my children. Now you can go with what I said and run with it, but hear me out what parent wants to see their child hurt and would do anything to protect them? Show me! I am not a violent person nor do I advocate violence but if just once I could say everything that I was feeling/thinking in that very moment of seeing the crushed look on my son's face than maybe I would feel better...if not for a moment.

I believe that God calls us, however, to a higher standard. I can't pummel every child that tries to exclude my child. That would not only advocate violence but is not who I am. I can, however, teach MY children how to treat others, how to include, encourage and defend the underdog. I said to Jay tonight, " You know bud, there will always be kids that don't know how to treat others, or how to be kind but we can still be kind back, we can still show God's love. That doesn't mean that we are doormats and let someone walk over us but we will not return evil for evil or insult for insult"

In the meantime, I will always advocate for my children, they are mine and I was born a Momma Bear, that I will never change.

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