Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tea Time

I was inspired by my friend Cheryl's post, Moms In Need of Mercy, as she talked about the idea of tea time and allowing time to just rejuvinate. I am taking up this challenge and incorporating tea time, after nap time and quiet times with my babies. I think this is a wonderful idea and a fun way to just usher in the late afternoon/early evening hours prior to dinner. I do not really have an acquired taste for tea, but this must change. I will keep trying the raspberry zinger. Hahaha. I do not even have a cool tea kettle or tea cups but this must change as well. I am creating some food for my daughter for Christmas, that are all related to tea time. I will post when I am finished....maybe if I get good enough I'll put it on etsy.

I love this idea of tea time...if only it wasn't 9:00pm and my house was a disaster I too would settle in for a nice cup of tea.....a few sips here and there and who knows, maybe I'll look one day and actually be loving the taste. I know my sister in law impresses me with her taste for tea......

Tea Time....I love it! I will look up some recipes for sconces, biscotti, or muffins and post what I have found..... How fun is this!

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